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Адаптер Glob Duplex для двойного сверления отверстий в трубах диаметром до 75мм

Артикул: GS10-03
Цена: 55 600 руб.
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Адаптер позволяет сверлить отверстия в трубах диаметром от 18мм до 75мм одновременно с двух сторон.
Производитель: GLOB SYSTEM.
Manufactured by our company precision drilling adapter for pipes GS10-03 allows to cut whole or part of hole in the pipes with diameter up to 75mm. Wide range of drilled diameters is differentiator of our design.
Drilling adapter allows to set up angle with range from 0 to 50 degrees. Settings can be precisely adjusted.
For a successful it is recommended to use high quality HSS twist drills and / or economical and made from the best bi-metal MK MORSE hole saws, that we are representing in Poland.

As a drive can use a drill with variable speed.
Speed adjustment is required especially when drilling in stainless steel pipes (for example - for 40mm diameter made from stainless steel rotation should not be higher than 110 rpm).

  • Range of drilling diameters: from 18 to 75mm,
  • Range of angle adjustment: from 0 to 50 degrees (precision scale),
  • Mount: 2-axes with regulation,
  • Bearings: needle roller bearings (sealed) in which rotates hardened shaft with mounted on it hole saw.

intuitive assembly in a workshop vise. Additional adapter can be screwed to the worktable.

Hole saws are available with diameters starting from 14mm and above. You can purchase it also from our store.

Adapter is allowing also using twist drills for metal with standard cylindrical shank as well as step drills. High quality of twist drills is required to achieve good effect with stainless steel.
Application drilling machine with variable speed control
Mounting drill chuck, vice
Application precision drilling pipes and profiles using hole saws, twist drills, multi-stage drills and end mills
18 кг
  • 1 x Precision drilling duplex adapter for pipes GS10-03,
  • 1 x set of keys,
  • 1 x thread reduction from 1/2 to "5/8",
  • 1 x manual in English,
  • 1 x packaging plastic case for GLOB SYSTEM adapter,
  • 1 x manufacturer warranty (12 months).

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Адаптер Glob Duplex для двойного сверления отверстий в трубах диаметром до 75мм

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